Shena Na

Shena first walked into a yoga studio on her 24th birthday. To manifest new experiences in their lives, her two friends had brought Shena to their very first hot flow class together. Two girls came out soaked and shaking their heads. Guess who fell in love at first sweat.

Fast forward to four years later, Shena signed up to study with Bali-based teacher, Emily Kuser, and her team of inspiring teachers Octavio Salvado, Nanna Wagner and Carlos Pomeda. What was meant for deepening the asana practice evolved into a journey inwards. Shena’s practice became flowy, mindful and meditative. She is fortunate to savour the sweet nectar of living yoga.

Shena enjoys practising yoga in nature. Having been certified by the 200-hr teacher training, she opens up the doorway for friends to connect with nature by hosting donation-based outdoor yoga pop-ups.

When Shena goes on backpacking trips, she guides mindful yoga sessions for free in beautiful places such as Maldives, New Zealand and Rarotonga. Back home in Singapore, Shena enjoys jogging, walking, and a good swim in the sun. She has the tendency to get distracted by the yin-ness of nature and will come to stillness for meditation almost anywhere, anytime her heart calls for it.