Yoga Journey, Jun 1 - 30

Hom Yoga
June 1 - 30, 2024

We invite you to make a commitment to practicing 30 classes in 30 days. A transformative journey that will explore your limits and boundaries and create a deeper connection to your mind and body.

Improve your strength, flexibility and clarity of mind, as well as nourish yourself completely through your yoga practice. Supported by the entire Hom team, this practice will take you on a journey within yourself—exploring and pushing your physical and mental boundaries, leaving you stronger, more mindful, and with a deeper sense of self.

All you need to participate is an active class package or membership. No additional payment required. Buy one of our packages or membership here.

All our regular scheduled classes count towards your 30. If you feel you need a day to stretch out sore muscles, try yin.


Join us for special classes during the journey to empower and refine your physical practice. 

Sunday, Jun 2: Prop-assisted Power Vinyasa Foundations Special Class with CJ Goh
Saturday, Jun 8: Ashtanga Yoga Special Class with Rey Fernandez
Monday, Jun 17: Grounding Hatha with Mantra Music Special Class with Frankie Wong

Friday, Jun 21: Restorative Yoga with Singing Bowls Special Class with Angeline Chia
Wednesday, Jun 26: Mellow Flow & Yin Special Class with Cheryl Leo

Free for Yoga Journeyers.


Receive a token from us when you reach a milestone in your journey.

5 classes: $5 credit
10 classes: $10 credit
20 classes: $20 credit
30 classes: $30 credit

Credits can be used to offset your next membership payment, package purchase or retail items. Please approach Front Desk to redeem. 

Email to sign up.